Fast delete tab for spam-tickets

Due to massive spam in our rt-system I whish to add a new tab to the Ticket/Display.html.
I’ve already found the file where the tabs are defined: Ticket/Elements/Tabs

There I’ve added the following code:
if ( $Ticket->CurrentUserHasRight(‘ModifyTicket’) ) {
$actions->{‘G’} = { title => loc(‘Spam’),
path => “Ticket/Update.html?Action=Spam&id=” . $id,

Now I want that if the user clicks on this link, the ticket is instantly marked as deleted so no further emails (like Ticked Resolved) are sent.

One possibility is to create a new ticket status (spam) that is equal to deleted. So if when the link is clicked, the ticket status is updated and the user returns to the default-entry page of rt. But I think this is ways too complicated to code. So another (easier) possibility is to redirect the user to the Update.html page and pre-select the deleted-status.

Do you have another idea how to solve the spam problem?

Where can I find the script that handles the Aciton= GET-parameter in the Update.html (2nd solution)?

I’ve used the Callbacks from University of Kent:

(Scroll to the bottom for a description and download link.)

One of the features is a “delete” tab.