Failed HTML::Mason cache test

I have a version of RT (2.0.8) running and while trying to install 2.0.11
the upgrade of HTML::Mason test failed at t/10-cache (test for caching).
The old version I have installed also failed this test and I think I foced
the install anyway. I’m a little reluctant to do this on my running

The question is does anybody know of a way to make this work (the test
outputs with TEST_VERBOSE=1 realy doesn’t tell me much)? I’ve searched for
this problem and read as much relevant documentation as I could swallow
but I’m at a loss.

The other question is how much harm will this do? My WebRT/data/cache
directory is empty apart from a locks directory, but my WebRT/data/obj
directory is in use. Will not having this hurt performance?

– arthur de jong - - west consulting b.v. –