External (non-LDAP/database) users management

Hi all,
I’d like to hear some experiences about managing external users that are
not in our Directory.

Sometimes we have users who open support tickets by sending a mail with
external (gmail/hotmail/…) e-mail addresses (e.g. if there are
problems with their corporate e-mail).

Now, assuming we don’t want to grant “Everyone” rights to create tickets
to avoid possible DoS/Spam issues, we’d still like to have the
possibility of going through these requests.

An option might be to use fetchmail/procmail to move all non-corporate
domains to a “quarantine” e-mail address that is not automatically
imported in the queue. We are protected using MailScanner and this might
be enough to trust all incoming mail to be genuine, but if anyone’s got
some experience on this and maybe found a different solution I’d like to
hear about it.


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