External Auto SSO login to either system queston

I am working on a SSO solution between our Web System and RT.
I was able to get RT-Authen-ExternalAuth-0.08 working to do a
cookie login with little trouble. I was also able to get the
RT login screen to correctly access the user store in out
on-line web system and accept logins (I added some code to
ExternalAuth because our password seed need the user ID).
I now have the system so a login to our on-line system correctly
allows access to RT and a login to RT uses the Password/UID from
our on-line system (and have user management in the on-line
system) but I would like to have RT-Authen-ExternalAuth SEND
a new cookie to the browser. I see in lib/RT/Authen/ExternalAuth/DBI/Cookie.pm
how a cookie is READ but I need the apache request object
to have the cookie sent to the bowser.

Our on-line system is written in perl and uses mod_perl, the code I use
there to send the cookie is:

my $c_out = Apache2::Cookie->new($r, -name => $cookie_name, -value => $cookie )

Is there a way for code in the ExternalAuth::DBI area to get
the apache request structure.

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