Exporting/printing history from tickets? (bounce test 3)

[I had bounces the first two times I tried to send this to the list, Jesse asked me to try once more. I think the first time I sent it I was not subscribed, and when I re-sent, I inadvertently used the bounce message’s hidden header: Delivered-To: rt-users@pallas.eruditorum.org So I suspect this one will go through. Sorry for the noise. ]

I’ve been using RT3 as we develop/deploy a service. We have a handful
of folks on this project and I use it to assign tasks to people,
prioritize, etc. Standard stuff.

I’m also using it myself as a kind of note-taking and archive of my
attempts, failures and successes along the way. For example:

I have a task, try and build the software, encounter problems –
document what I did and what it didn’t do in a ticket for the task.
As I figure out what’s wrong and come up with a solution, I document
that too – by adding Comments. When I finish the task I “Resolve”
the ticket, knowing that knowledge has been captured. I used to do
this in text files but find RT3 does a better job at maintaining stuff
than I do :-).

Eventually, I’d like to grab that collected experience in some other
format, perhaps I’ll convert it into a HOWTO doc or something, an an
Install Guide for our other techs.

Any recommendations on how I should “export” this data? I’m not sure
what kind of format I’d like but imagine RT3 has features for
generating database-style “reports” on various things, possibly with
scrips templates (which I haven’t used yet).

Have others done stuff like this, and what did you do?