Export ticket from RT 5.01!

I have installed RT::Extension::TicketPDF on my RT5 .01 and even though it seems to work . i.e the button is there it doesn’t do very much.
The generate pdf simple view has no information other than title , ticket number and status
The display option shows a bit more but neither have the ticket history !

How do I export the ticket history to pdf ?

Can this extension be customized ?

A little help please ?

That extension doesn’t seem to have been updated for RT 5 yet, and it doesn’t look like it is maintained by Best Practical

Yeah thats what I figured. ITs not working.
So what else can I use to export a ticket , including all history to a pdf or something ?
What is available in RT 5 that does the same ?

Could you print the ticket display from your web browser to a PDF? Many systems have a PDF “print” driver available.

I’ve been working on converting the fields, comments and correspondence to Markdown or HTML, and then using a HTML to PDF tool to generate nice looking PDFs for job reporting.

I combine monthly support tickets with children issue tickets, and then I’m envisaging generating a PDF for the the monthly ticket that contains reports for each linked ticket.

I was inspired by pdf.math.dev which appeared on Hacker News recently - page-oriented HTML that converts easily to a PDF with the same appearance. I don’t have anything to show yet but what I’ve got looks promising. I’m just pulling the data via CLI and API tools to massage into the format I want.

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Hi Chris !
I would be very interested in this as would many other people I suspect.
Ive had a look around and theres nothing that does this in Rt 5 and quite a few people ask for this.
Something as “simple as” : Api pull ticket number 55 and make a pdf out of it would be awesome and GREATLY appreciated mate !