Export procedures?



This is more of a developer question (or a question for Jesse); but what is
the export procedure for RT? I think it’s a little silly of me to ask now
since I’ve already done it, but anyways…

What I did was I tarred and gzipped both the rt database directory under
mysql (/var/lib/mysql/rt on my box) and the transactions directory, copied
them over to the other box, did the base ‘make install’ from the RT source,
removed the database directory and the transactions directory, unpacked the
archives that I copied over, double checked all the permissions, and started
up RT (and everything works normally).

My question is basically: is this the best way to do this? I also upgraded
from 1.03 to 1.06 in the process (I installed 1.06 on the new server). If I
do this with a 2.x or a future 1.x upgrade, will the structures of the
database of transaction directories change in any way (which would cause it
to break)?


  • Frank