Experimental FastCGI-PM

Here’s the code I mentioned earlier today. You’ll need yet another module
from CPAN:

FCGI-ProcManager-0.17 - functions for managing FastCGI applications. - metacpan.org

Install, blah blah.

The supplied patch should give you some general ideas. You will probably
need to edit the patch some to fit your needs [paths, etc].

Also, you will need to add the following to your RT_SiteConfig.pm:

Set($FCGIProcesses, 6);

Oh and if you’re running in a truly memory starved environment you might
want to look at the last few lines of the request loop; there is a tiny
bit of code there to cause the fcgi processes to exit after a defined
number of requests. If you chose to turn this on you’ll need to also add
the following to your RT_SiteConfig.pm:

Set($FCGIRequestCounter, 0);
Set($FCGIMaxRequests, 1000);

Set FCGIMaxRequests to whatever seems like a reasonable value to you.
Most this helps work around the tendency for RT processes to get very


mason_handler.fcgi.diff (1.12 KB)