Experience hooking RT3 to MS-Exchange2000/Active Directory/LDAP?

But what about this script if anonymous is disabled?
Do someone figured out how to set this?

Another question:
What about rt-crontool, do you also know this tool so good?
I need that after a given time that a message is not owned by a staff member or overdue, that a person get notified, say the coordinator of the queue or, after a given time again, the chief is notified.
Can someone make an example using rt-crontool??



Samuel SenonerFrom: Karsten Konrad [mailto:karsten.konrad@uni-graz.at]
Sent: Mon 6/30/2003 4:24 PM
To: rt-users
Subject: Re: [rt-users] Experience hooking RT3 to MS-Exchange2000/Active Directory/LDAP?

Senoner Samuel wrote:
> Do you want the config for Apache or for RT3?
> Do you have Apache 1.03 or Apache 2?
> I set up the LDAP authentication from my RT3 Server running with Apache
> 1.03 to an Active Directory.
> And here my problems:
> 1. The only problem is webfallbackauth, so I cannot log in as root in RT
> with webexternalauth.

<Location /rt3>
     AuthType Basic
     AuthName "Request Tracker"
     AuthUserFile /etc/...
     AuthAuthoritative off

     AuthLDAPURL "ldap://..."
     AuthLDAPBindDN "..."
     AuthLDAPBindPassword "..."
     AuthLDAPAuthoritative off
     require valid-user

root is defined in the AuthUserFile, all other users are authenticated
via ldap.

> 2. I also configured the automatic creation of the user, but I would be
> interesting to have also the user detils, for example the mail adress,
> so that not another account is created when this user sends a mail.

ciao, karsten...

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