Expandable attachements

This applies RT version 3.4.2.

Our testers report that picture attachments on e.g. 200 KB and 1.8 MB
sizes has been expanded into the message it belongs.

I am not able to reproduce this problem, since I am probably not using
a mail client that inlines pictures.

I’ve noticed an earlier posting mentioned:


"While using rt3 (3.4.1 on linux ) we discovered that when attaching
large (> 1mb) of text file to a ticket, RT3 became awfully slow to
display it because it was trying to display the entire content of the
text instead of only the download link. We also experimented the same
behavior while attaching images.

I read the RT_SiteConfig file and found the MaxInlineBody variable, but
it didn’t seem to work…"


From our testers point of view, it doesn’t work in 3.4.2 either.

Is this a bug in RT or something uncontrollable in MIME spek?

Tomas A. P. Olaj, email: tomas.olaj@usit.uio.no, web: folk.uio.no/tomaso
University of Oslo / USIT (Center for Information Technology Services)
System- and Application Management / Applications Management Group