Example of @AssetQueues?

The docs imply that setting this array is all that’s needed; however, as I now have a blank header called “Assets” with no contents in the queues I gave it, I suspect there’s more to it.

What’s a good example of a working invocation / config / setup for Assets appearing in a queue?

When I add the config setting and restart my web server I see an input box with the following text “Add an asset to this ticket” in the Assets portlet. Do you have any custom code that could be effecting the HTML output?

No custom code - there’s a .css for the SelfServe page, nothing for any of the queues. Using 4.4.4.

I see only this:


Does the user/group that you’re using to look at this have the rights to see assets (the SeeCatalog ACL)?

There’s also CreateAsset, ModifyAsset and ShowAssetsMenu rights for staff that you might need to adjust for your users/groups depending on how you want to use assets.

Now that’s interesting. I see no such ACL. Only the following:

General Rights:

Rights for Staff:

Rights for Administrators:

  • The only reference I can find to ShowAssetsMenu is a single blurb in the Assets doc page, which doesn’t really explain anything about it nor give any context for when its necessary, or even effective…
  • Must it be managed directly in the SiteConfig.pm, as opposed to via the web interface where the rest of the catalog is managed…? Or should I be seeing it as a config option in the web interface somewhere?


On our 4.4.3 and 4.4.4 RT installations it appears in (for example) Admin -> Global -> Group Rights -> Rights for Staff (about two thirds of the way down the list of rights), labelled “Show Assets menu”.

Found it. Thanks! I don’t quite grok what determines where a given option will appear.

However, even after trying this for multiple groups, and then finally granting this priv to Everyone, and stopping the webserver / clearing Mason cache / restarting webserver… no change. Same empty “Assets” header line as in the picture above.

To clarify: i am already able to create, modify, see, search, and so forth, Assets. I have created several asset catalogs and populated them. It is only getting the menu to appear in the ticket creation form that is not working.

did you find a solution? I have the same issue.