Error (not ok - Could not load a valid user) - While creating a ticketvia email

Activate the log level to file to debug, standard is undefined logging,
can you send the log after you did that and restarted apache?
Perhaps we can find something.

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I tried looking for this problem in the list, but could not locate any
information and as a result I am posting this issue. I would appreciate
if anyone on the list can provide me a pointer or a helpful hint.

I have installed RT

I am able to login to through the user interface and create new ticket
once I log in. But I am getting an error when I send an email to open a
new ticket.

I use fetchmail on the host where I have installed RT and using the mda
command in .fetchmailrc to send it to /opt/rt3/bin/rt-mailgate.

When I run the rt-mailgate with debug option, I see an error “not ok -
Could not load a valid user”.

I am having the mail sent to

I am following the draftmanual. Please help me if anyone knows what is
the problem or where I should be looking?

Also, even after mentioning the log file in, I donot
see the logs in the file /opt/rt3/var/log/rt.log.

Thanks in advance.


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