Error near RT-Attach-Message after ticket->Take


I have made a perl script to resolve some tickets automatically and
move to another queue we have here. I created a new user with
permissions to handle ticket in both queues.
When I $ticket->Take; within my perl script, i got a message twice:
172 2007-06-30 22:07:23
[Thu May 15 01:45:46 2008] [error]: error: couldn’t parse head; error
RT-Attach-Message: yes

Anyway, the ticket is taken and is resolved adequately, but i got a
delay after every ticket taking.

I don’t know how to track this error. Anybody has any hints?

Thanks in advance (so I won’t bother the others with thanking messages),

Mauricio B. C. Vieira -
Software Engineer
SaferNet Brasil -
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