Error in program to add users and groups automatically

I wrote a program, which sends HTTP post messages to my RT, for creating users and groups automatically.

But i get the following error:

error: could not find component for initial path '/Admin/Users/modify.html ’ (component roots are: ‘/apps/opt/rt/3.4.4/local/html’, ‘/apps/opt/rt/3.4.4/share/html’)
context: …
200: $self->{out_method} = sub { $$bufref .= $_[0] };
201: }
202: $self->{use_internal_component_caches} =< /font>
203: $self->{interp}->use_internal_comp onent_caches;
204: $self->_initialize;
206: return $self;
207: }

code stack: /apps/opt/perl/ /apps/opt/perl/
/apps/opt/perl/ 3

If I enter the URL in my browser, with the same attributes and values, it works.

Any idea?


Tobias Warth