Error after building custom fields

Hi all. Using RT 3.4.5. 15 custom fields

I’ve been playing with Custom Fields, essentially to give Sales Engineers a
way to enter the Organization to which the ticket is attached. I created my
Custom Field, called Organization, and gave see/modify to privileged users
and no rights to unprivs. That works fine, but on create, I get an error.
Here’s what happens when a priv user tries to create a new ticket… (Note
that self service unpriv user tickets are created fine.)
System error

error: Can’t call method “Id” on an undefined value at
/usr/local/rt3/lib/RT/Interface/ line 1137.

context: …
1132: # Build up a list of objects that we want to work with
1133: my %custom_fields_to_mod;
1134: foreach my $arg ( keys %$ARGSRef ) {
1135: if ( $arg =~ /^Object-([\w:]+)-(\d*)-CustomField-(\d+)-/ ) {
1136: # For each of those objects, find out what custom fields we want to
work with.
1137: $custom_fields_to_mod{$1}{$2 || $args{‘Object’}->Id}{$3} = 1;
1138: }
1139: }

code stack: /usr/local/rt3/lib/RT/Interface/

raw error
Anyone have an idea what I might have clobbered?

Thanks in advance!