Equivalent portlet for QueueList, but by owner?

I really like the QueueList portlet in RT and how it shows the different queues and the quantity of tickets in each status (New, Open, Stalled).

This queue list has been very useful as a shortcut to instantly seeing what tickets a person is working on, because I have RT set up right now so each user has their own queue.

However, I am considering going down to just one queue (“IT Department”) to make it quicker to assign and keep track of tickets. This is because with individual queues, you have to change the owner of a ticket AND change the queue it’s in; that’s an unnecessary step right now.

The problem is, if I go down to one queue, I lose that individualized queue list.

Is there a way to create a portlet that is the equivalent of QueueList, but is sorted by owner, say, OwnerList?

What’s the easiest way to do/code this for all users?

Where can I find that QueueList code in RT?

QueueList is in /opt/rt4/share/html/Elements/QueueList (assuming your RT is installed in /opt/rt4 of course). You can copy that into your local HTML directory (eg /opt/rt4/local/html/Elements/) and alter to your needs. If you want the existing one to still be available as well as your custom version, copy it to a different name in your local HTML directory.

Then, if you have a renamed custom version, you can alter the $HomepageComponents line in your RT_SiteConfig.pm file to include your new component, flush your Mason cache, restart your web server and you should find you can add it as a home page portlet.

Great, thank you. I was grepping QueueList and going through the search results. This helps!

Wow. That’s going to be a learning curve to try and hack something up. Looks like I’ll be staying with using QueueList instead of trying to code something new, since we need the QueueList functionality up and running right now. But thank you!

You can almost do this with a saved chart. You can create a table which lists the owners, the status of their tickets and a count. But there is no hyperlink to a search of the tickets.

Andrew, thanks. I will have to look at charts sometime. Unfortunately, I haven’t gotten charts to work yet with our RT, but maybe someday!

Have you got GD::Graph installed?

You can use the Charts tab to make a table - that’s what I pictured, and tested out. On the Chart tab of search results, go to the bottom left column - Picture - and in Style, select Table.