Entering users into RT and authenticating them to AD

RT version 4.4.1
In our prior instance of RT we had to physically enter each individual user into RT even though they were using their active directory (AD) credentials. Is there a way to import users from AD? Would I use “RT::Extension::LDAPImport” and how does RT-Authen-ExternalAuth-0.26 help me?

Thank you

Hi Craig,

I import my users from openLDAP using LDAPImport should work using AD
too. You may need to use start TLS with your AD server(s) which
isn’t currently supported with RT 4.4, however there is a patch for
start TLS which works fine with openLDAP and should work with AD too.

The following document should help.


As of RT 4.4 the RT-Athen-ExternalAuth plugin is no longer needed as the
functionality is now baked into RT.

Best Regards


Hi Martin,

thank you for that. It appears to work now.