Enriching the mail interface

Apparantly there used to be an email interface by which
you could give RT commands, at least in RT1.x

I need something similar, for which I’m happy to write
code and contribute. I’d just like to know if anyone else
is working on this, or if my ideas should dovetail with others.

I need:

  1. Ability to auto-instantiate various CustomFields
    when a ticket is created via email, based on the email.
  2. Ability for normal consultants to give commands by
    email. Simple commands, like “resolve”, "assign"
    would be adequate, but more would be better.


RT::Interface::Email.pm:Gateway() be modified to
check for mail headers of the following form:

   X-RT-CustomField: FieldName: FieldValue
   X-RT-Command: Resolve

If X-RT-CustomField: is found, then insert the custom field value
when creating the ticket. (FieldName will pertain to the initial
queue, or to global if there is no such queue-specific field)

If X-RT-Command: is found, execute that command, provided the
user in the FROM: field has appropriate privs.

In order to put such headers in the email, run a mail parser
ahead of rt-mailgate that will reformat incoming mail.
This can be run in a pipe right in the aliases file,
and therefore different addresses can run different parsers
in case (as in my case) I get mail from remote machines
whose format I can’t control.

Any opinions or pointers?