Enhanced mailgate + keywords?

hi all,

it’s me again, still playing around with keywords…

i’ ve installed the enhanced mailgate from the download-area onto my RT

the “enhanced-mailgate.README.txt” instructed me to sent

“pseudo-headers in the message body to set parameters on new or existing
tickets. All pseudo-headers are prefixed with RT- and can be used to set
parameters on new or existing tickets.”

so the mail i sent looked like the following :

RT-Owner: awahlfeldt
RT-Status: open
RT-Requestor: her@subshell.com
RT-AdminCc: que@subshell.com
RT-Final-Priority: 9
RT-Due: 12/24/2007
RT-KeywordSelects: Bereich
RT-Keywords +Bilder


result : a new ticket is created :slight_smile:
ticket-owner, status , requestor, admincc and due-date are set accordingly
final-priority is not set :frowning:
keywords are not set :-(((

probably i’ve just misspelled / or misunderstood something (though i’ve
unsuccessfully tried any thinkable variation of the above).

so, anybody out there managed to set keywords with the enhanced mailgate ???

please share your knowledge / ideas / hints with me.


andreas wahlfeldt
subshell GmbH
Weidenallee 1
20357 Hamburg