Embedded Images within replies


Have searched these forums and seems clear what my issue is.

Using RT 4.4.2 on FreeBSD
Company uses Outlook 2016 on terminal servers out of my control

Not seeing the images within their ticket submissions with a winmail.dat attachment.

So my only hope is piping through a TNEF converter before rt-mailgate.

Does anyone have their aliases setup and some advice on a working solution to do this?
I can see there is a binary version and a perl version of a TNEF convert I can grab, unsure of what the pipe command in aliases I would use.

Thanks, Alex

Do the Outlook 2016 clients talk to an Exchange server (either on premises or a Microsoft Office 365 SaaS version)? If so, can you suggest a fix to the people who do run that, even if its not you? If so, you might want to get them to look at this Microsoft TechNet question and solution. In step 8 of the solution get them to put in the domain name(s) that your RT’s mailgate is setup to use.

You might want to suggest to them to turn off legacy TNEF/RTF support completely in the Exchange server, as Outlook 2016 doesn’t need it and neither does O365. Its amazing that Microsoft still have it lurking around after all these years, especially as it is a great way to make an organisation look dopey if it leaks out to external folk who aren’t drinking the Microsoft koolaid (or maybe that’s why Microsoft still want it!)

They do, outsourced hosted remote desktop.

I have a suspicion the solution they use to add email sigs to all outgoing emails is what is encoding the email.

Probably have zero influence of a fix happening on that side and I’ve had no luck trying to pipe through a tnef converter.

I’m out of ideas :confused: