Email updates - matching without a ticket number?


I thought this would be a common problem but going over the archives I can’t
seem to find anyone else talking about this (unless my searching sucks!).

Basically we get a lot of customers emailing various people and CC’ing our
ticket system (it’s a support queue), so they get a new ticket raised. Then
the person they emailed replies back to the customer and also CC’s the
ticket system, so they too get a new ticket, and so on.

I’ve checked everywhere I can think of and the only place that seems to tie
up the email to a ticket is the [$rtname #ticket] in the subject, but I
don’t see any other way of getting the system to try and match emails to

I looked over the various contrib files and don’t see anything related, but
I did find a really old email which had a similar solution in mind but was
based on the MessageID:

The RT-Extension-ExtractSubjectTagOnTransaction extension is also very
similar to solving the problem, but it seems designed to aid tracking
tickets across various instances of RT.

Obviously subjects can be duplicated and just matching them based on subject
could yield a lot of potential tickets, which might be why such a function
doesn’t exist! On the other hand you could apply a bit of logic since you
know the queue its destined for and the people its been sent to, and if you
limited it to open tickets and ignored blank subjects and such, you might
be able to find the right ticket if theres only 1 match?

So before I go reinvent the wheel… has anyone overcome this problem before?

Thanks in advance,