Email to internal requestors not working

I’ve read through the FAQ’s with regard to the message “No recipients
found. Not sending.” in the log files and implemented the suggested
permissions settings - specifically allowing everyone to be a watcher.

There’s still one case where the above message is generated and email is
not set. When the requestor is internal and a reply is entered through
the web interface, that reply will not be sent to the requestor.

RT Version: 3.0.6

  1. fred opens a new ticket
  2. mail is sent and recieved by fred stating that the ticket
    has been opened.
  3. the person to whom the ticket is assigned does a ‘Reply’
    through the web interface and presses the Submit button.
  4. RT does its thing and reports in the log file that
    no recipients have been found and its not sending any

This is driving me nuts this evening. Perhaps it is a configuration
error, so here’s my file (with domains changed to match
the example)

Set($LogToSyslog , ‘debug’);
Set($LogToScreen , ‘error’);
Set($LogToFile , ‘debug’);
Set($rtname , “”);
Set($Organization , “”);
Set($WebBaseURL , “”);
Set($Timezone , ‘US/Pacific’);
Set($DatabaseType , ‘Pg’);
Set($DatabasePort , ‘’);
Set($OwnerEmail , ‘rtadmin’);
Set($LogDir , ‘/opt/rt3/var/log’);
Set($RTAddressRegexp , ‘^$’);

Thanks, hope you can help.