Hey all,

I’ve had some trouble getting RT to work on windows and FC4, but I
finally have v3.0.12 running on windows. This is a brand new install.
If I send in a new email to the rt user fetchmail picks it up and
creates a new ticket, and sends the proper auto response. I can create a
response through the web interface and it goes to the user as expected.

The problem is that when the user creates a response to any of the
messages they receive from the system it never gets updated in RT.
Fetchmail keeps giving me an error:

"The RT server which handled your email did not behave as expected. It

fetchmail: MDA returned nonzero status 75"

The rt.log file shows RT finding the related ticket via
then shows a critical error in on line 720…which has nothing
to do with anything. Its talking about a permissions error in the log
but I don’t understand what permissions its talking about.
See below:
[Wed Sep 21 20:58:41 2005] [debug]: Converting ‘us-ascii’ to ‘utf-8’ for
text/plain - [LDWS03 #1] Here we go again!
(C:/Program Files/OurInternet/Request
[Wed Sep 21 20:58:41 2005] [debug]: Found a ticket ID. It’s 1
(C:/Program Files/OurInternet/Request
[Wed Sep 21 20:58:41 2005] [crit]: Permission Denied (C:/Program

Anyone’s insight would be greatly appreciated.

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