Email notification to arbitrary addresses uponticket creation in particular queues


Copying the list back in so the answer’s google-able someday and
reformatting for in-line reply which makes context so nice. =]On Thu, 2006-02-09 at 13:04 -0600, Freeman, Michael wrote:

Jim Meyer said:

On Thu, 2006-02-09 at 12:30 -0600, Freeman, Michael wrote:

Is there anybody out there willing to share their scrips with me that
might allow me to send an email to an arbitrary e-mail address upon
creation of a ticket in a particular queue? We’d like to have each
group get notified whenever there is a ticket created. I think you can
setup the AdminCC stuff but isn’t that somewhat chatty?

Not if the only notification you choose to send to AdminCCs is ticket
creation and resolution. =]

This can be done through the web interface?

Yup! If you look in the Configuration → Global → Scrips area, you’ll
see the various actions which are sending notifications and to whom. If
you edit the ones you want to silence and change the “Stage” to
“Disabled” (rather than outright deleting them in case you change your
mind later =) they quiet right down.


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