Email Message Cut off on Reply

We’re having an issue with RT where sometimes, when responding to a ticket
via email, the older information is cut off.

It seems like RT is limiting the length of the message body.

So if a conversation consists of:

Message A
Reply B
Message C
Reply D

In the UI, the whole conversation will be recorded. However, Reply D will
have Message C and none of the remaining correspondence. If I click to show
the outgoing message, it’s cut off there as well so it’s definately
happening in RT (not on an outgoing/incoming mail server).

It’s a problem for us because we need to show clients the entire thread in
our responses.

Any thoughts? It almost feels like ‘Maximum inline message length’ /
MaxInlineBody setting but for email.



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I should also mention that alot off the cutoff messages have ‘–’ in them in
places other than on our user’s signatures which leads me to wonder if RT
counts those as messages and cuts it off at 3 or so?

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Anyone else seeing an issue like this where the conversation is getting cut
off after a few replies.

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