Email address not a required field, but required to view tickets?


The only place I have unprivileged user rights set is for a specific
queue. For this queue, the system group Unprivileged has the rights
CreateTicket, ReplyToTicket, and SeeQueue. The roles group Requestor
has all of the above as well as ShowTicket.

I created a new unprivileged user to test this queue. I only filled in
the username, leaving everything else (including email address) blank.
This worked fine.

I then logged in via the web interface with this unpriv’d user, and
created a new ticket in the queue, leaving the Requestor field blank.
However, the ticket would not show up in the Self Service interface
under My Open Tickets. Logged in as a privileged user, I could see that
the ticket was submitted fine and sat in the appropriate queue.

After some other testing, I added an email address to the unpriv’d user
account, and then created a new ticket with that unpriv’d user (with the
requestor field filled in). This time, the ticket showed up on the self
service page.

Is this the correct behavior?

Is an email address required for a ticket to be displayable to an
unprivileged user? If so, shouldn’t it be necessary to provide an email
address when creating a user and/or when opening a new ticket via the
web interface?

RT 3.0.8, btw.

Thank you muchly,

Patrick H.