Elevate unprivileged user access

Is there a way to elevate permissions on on unprivileged user that would allow that user to monitor and manage tickets within a specific queue. My understanding is that if I make a user privileged, then they would essentially have access to any of the queues much like our technical services team. We have a need to restrict the viewing and management of one queue to a specific group of what would otherwise be unprivileged users that would access the self service portal.

You can grant the SeeTicket right to users/groups/roles as you need, and you can limit those rights to per-queue

In order to do that though, that user would still require privileged access right?

Nope, you can grant rights to the Everyone group which includes unprivileged users, and you can also unprivileged users to groups if you want to have group rights handle rights.

You could also do something like the grant the rights on a role such as “Requestor” of a ticket is able to view tickets that they created