Editing transaction content over the Web interface


I got fed up with people replying to RT messages through email and
quoting the contents of the message inside every time, thus creating a
messy ticket history. So, I wrote a quick hack to allow me to edit the
contents of the “main” attachment for a transaction over the Web. It
adds an [Edit] link to each transaction in Ticket history.

I hope this is useful to someone else. It should do a lot more
checking before allowing the user to just update the data, but it
works so far. Please don’t yell at me if something blows things up for
you or if you think I did it TOTALLY wrong; it works for me :wink:
However, useful, constructive feedback is always welcomed.

Also, this includes the reverseHistoryOrder patch (I was too lazy to
remove it :slight_smile: )

I copied the files to be modified to /usr/local/share/… and edited
them there. So the diff is between the files in /usr/local/share and




edit_transaction.diff (10.6 KB)