Edit menu in open ticket


I would need to adjust the menu at the bottom with a ticket. When I open a ticket, I am going to display the items in the menu: View, History, Basics … and the drop down action menu. In action menu I have the items: reply, comment, take …

  1. I would prefer to move items from the action menu to the main bar before the items: view, history, basic data …

I have solved this by editing the file / opt / rt4 / local / html / Elements / Tabs where I edited for example:
$ actions-> child (reply => title => place (‘Reply’), path => “/Ticket/Update.html?Action=Respond;id=”. $ id);
$ tabs-> child (replay => title => loc (‘Replay’), path => “/Ticket/Update.html?Action=Respond;id=”. $ id);

I have solved other menu items in a similar way.
Is this correct ???

  1. I would also need items like history, basic data … to move somewhere to the popup menu. I wanted to place these items in the action menu but rt will list the error. Is it possible to menu action menus in some way to create another popup menu into which I would item history, basic data … moved.

Thank you

Please close. I have solved the problem