Easily assigning "requestor" a username rather than anemail


Also, I’d like to be able to search through tickets by
providing a requestor’s username rather than his email
address. Right now, the search criteria only has
"(Requestor’s|CC’s|AdminCC’s) email address (contains|
doesn’t contain) __________". I’m wondering if any of
you guys have come up with an easier way to search
through tickets by a requesting user rather than by a
requesting user’s email address.

What version of RT are you running? I’m not sure about the ticket
creation side of things, but the ticket query builder in our
installation definitely lets you search on (Requestor|CC|AdminCC)
(Name|Realname|Nickname|EmailAddress|etc). We’re running 3.4.0rc5, but
I’m pretty sure that’s been there since at least 3.2.2…

Mark Roedel
Web Programmer / Analyst
LeTourneau University