Easier to attach automated tasks to ticket operations in RT3 than in RT2?


I’m working on automating some administrivia functions. For example, I
like to have the creation of a ticket in a certain queue trigger the
execution of a
Perl script to generate and execute some majordomo commands. I have not yet
been able to put together the parts to accomplish this, though I have some
and some idea of how they need to work together.

Anyway, in light of a possible move to RT3 in the future, is this sort of
task more
easily accomplished in RT3 than it is in RT2? Can anyone offer any specific
of having done what I’m doing or better yet, code that I could examine and
I know, for example, that one part of what I need is security - to prevent
passwords from appearing in Perl scripts - and I have that part. It’s more
the basic
code to invoke arbitrary scripts from action scrips (if that’s the
appropriate way?) that
I’m lacking so far.

Thank you in advance for any help.


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