Dynamic parameter for NotifyGroup action

I am trying to create a scrip that will send out emails to specific groups based on the queue that they are in. What I need is custom action code that will essentially run the NotifyGroup action but with a dynamic parameter.

For instance if the queue was “exampleQueue” then I would want the group that was notified to be “exampleQueueEscalationGroup”. Is it possible to use a dynamic parameter in the making of an action or would this need to be written as a custom action and how would I do that?

Thank you very much for the time, any help is appreciated. I am running RT 5.0.0

You could create a new action in Admin->Global->Actions and use the Notify module, then set the parameter to pass as:


Then setup that action with your scrip. You’ll need to manually or scrip add some group/user to that role for tickets then

Maybe I don’t understand how custom roles work but will that allow it to send the update to a specific group based on the queue?

You could set “Group A” as a watcher for “Custom role X” at the queue level, then notifications for that custom role will be for that group as they are the only members of the role for some queue

I got that set up and it’s working now, thank you very much! Custom roles simplified a lot of things I had going!