Duplication of tickets


I’m having problems with duplication of tickets.

to each email sent to the RT, a ticket is created. In this way, an automatic email is sent to requester. It turns out that is being generated two tickets and two automatic emails. I.e:

#336 Direitos Reservados
#334 Direitos Reservados
#335 Não Entregues: Direitos Reservados


#333 Não Entregues: CTIR
#332 CTIR
#331 CTIR


Any idea what the problem might be?

P.S: Excuse me for my lousy English.

Are you using something like fetchmail to get the email into the RT server? If so, it might be that mail isn’t being marked as read/deleted after RT gets hold of it, so its being presented again.

Can you confirm that there is only one scrip running on ticket create? Are the auto reply emails exactly the same for the two tickets?

I’m using postfix to get the email into the RT server. I.e: I actually send an email to abuse@outlook.com and is redirected to rt@rt.postfix.com
is an alias of exchange to postfix

Attached is a sample log file.

5 On Correspond Notify Requestors and Ccs Numa Correspondência
7 On Create Autoreply To Requestors Na Criação
9 On Create Notify Ccs Na Criação Notificar Ccs
8 On Create Notify Owner and AdminCcs Na Criação

Not quite sure what your yellow highlighting is supposed to be showing there - those highlighted lines are from different mail system transactions.

If you looks at the tickets in RT, are the message IDs (look in “Show full headers” on the ticket display) the same for all the duplicated tickets, or different? If they’re different, its not RT duplicating the emails, but something in your mail system. You can also match the message IDs in RT with the IDs you can see in the postfix logs.

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Não Entregues appears to be a delivery failure message.

This problem solved!!!

Now it is missing just correcting the issue of “double” ticket

I was able to solve the problem. I had two rules for sending email to postfix. I removed a rule and the problem was resolved.