Duplicate Tickets on Reply

Hi All,

We have setup a queue that accepts tickets when an email is sent on the queue email id…

The problem we’re facing is that duplicate tickets are getting generated in case someone replies on the original email that was sent on the support email id.

Is there anything that can b done to avoid duplicate ticket creation on reply to the original email…?

Does this happen if they just email in directly to the queue, or only if the queue’s email is included in a group email (say CCed in)? In the former case RT can normally detect replies to its own tickets by looking at the mail headers. In the later case it can’t always do that because people might be replying to each other rather than RT generated emails (so nothing in the headers to indicate that it came from RT).

Hi Green,

This happens when there are other users CCed to the email sent to RT support user…

The CCed users then reply on the original thread that RT considers as new tickets, thereby creatng duplicate with subject "Re: "

Yep, that’s the second scenario. Not much that can be done about that I’m afraid.