Duplicate notifications on merge ticket?

RT 3.8.1 - I am trying to write a scrip that sends notification to
adminCCs when a ticket is merged. My user-defined condition is:

my $txn = $self->TransactionObj;
return 0 unless $txn->Type =~ /^AddLink$/i;
return 0 unless $txn->Field =~ /^MergedInto$/i;
… etc etc …
return 1

However it seems that merging a ticket creates two of these
transactions, and my notifications are sent twice. Suggestions?


Have a look at the difference between TransactionCreate and
TransactionBatch for your scrip. I think you want TransactionBatch.

By default RT does not enable the TransactionBatch stage, you have to
turn it on with the

Set($useTransactionBatch, 1);

in your config file.


Justin Pratt wrote: