Duplicate methods in User_Overlay.pm

Two methods are duplicated in RT::User_Overlay.

Joby Walker
ITI SSG, University of Washington
PGP key: https://staff.washington.edu/joby/joby-u-pub.asc

User_Overlay.pm.patch (3.88 KB)

Joby Walker wrote:

Two methods are duplicated in RT::User_Overlay.

Patch applied. Thanks!


Hello Experts,

I want to show data from an external database; in this case, I have some
status information I retrieve from OpenNMS regarding a field in RT
(let’s say the IP Number).

A query to the outages table of opennms tells me then what is up with
the site - in addition, I get as well the System Description etc…

That works well, but now the question is on the “best” way to integrate
that into the RT WebGUI.

Any Hints?

(ah, and I need to query BOTH another mysql and a postgres datasource to
get the right informations).