Duplicate message elimination

We have several queues on our RT2 system. However we also often get the
case where someone replies to an RT correspondance and Ccs another queue -
the net effect is that two (or sometimes more) copies of that message end
up being attached to the existing ticket.

This is undesireable.

Part of my workaround for this was to add code to discard duplicates
(based on Message-Id) to rt-mailgate.

Here is my RT3 version of the same - nicely paramaterised an all. Share
an enjoy.

(part two of my workaround might take longer as I try to work out how to
suitablely make it trigger a ScripCondition when there is no Transaction
to play with)


patch (1.73 KB)

Your patch is reversed. Diff syntax is: diff [flags]

Also, the Message-Id checking you are using is very expensive, as it
will potentially have to load lots of Transactions.

It is probably faster (and potentially easier) to use an external
filter like procmail/formail or Mail::Audit to do this filtering, or
have the mailgate keep a messageid cache.