Duplicate Emails to requestors and AdminCCs

Thanks all for the previous postings. Please, rt keeps sending duplicate mails to requestors and owners when it runs any scrip pertaining to them. pls, can anyone help?

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Please, read How To Ask Questions The Smart Way

if your message is new question then drop Re: from the subject. This
confuse people, they think that discussion started elsewhere.

If your message is new question then don’t send it as replay to any
other messages on the list because your MA add additional information to
your replies that helps track threads. If you send new question then
it shouldn’t be sticked to any other threads unrelaited to the question.

Then read section “When you want to ask a question” from

And stick software version info with all new questions. even if you send
second question two minutes later then first.

Oluwatomisin Ilori wrote: