Dropdown selection based on value of Enter Multiple

I’ve been searching for a means of creating a form of checklist within a ticket. We are exploring the linked/dependent ticket options, but I think that would be too much additional overhead.

Currently, I have a CF.Tasks (enter multi) where we populate the sub-tasks. I’d like to be able to create a second CF.Current that allows selection based on the values of CF.Tasks. Because the values would not be static, we can’t use the native “categories based on” feature.

Might be a moonshot, but I’m willing to get under the hood. Just wondering if anyone else has looked into this functionality.

You say the second set of values aren’t static, but are there just a limited number based on the value in the first CF, or does the value in the first CF mean that you then need to pull a set of values for the second CF dynamically from some other source? You do have the option in RT of using external custom fields. I don’t know if that would help you in your situation?

The values of the first CF would not be static. What I’m trying to do is essentially have an “enter multiple values” CF and a second “list” CF that builds it’s set of optional values from that first set. So I could define a list of subtasks specific to this ticket (CF.MultiValue1) which I am then able to select which one is currently in progress (CF.List1).

I’m revisiting External Custom Fields now; they could help if I understand how they work correctly. My understanding is they allow you to store a set of values built from perl snip. So I’d need to build the list of values from the specific TicketObj, correct?

I’m not super familiar with perl, but I’ve now had the docs open for the past 2 weeks to try and get a handle on things.

I thought that maybe you could use the ExternalValues() method to build the CF.List1 values based on the selection of CF.Multivalue1 dynamically using the category key. However if CF.Multivalue1 is itself going to have dynamic values that might be a tad tricky.

Could I not use ExternalValues to grab current values of CF.Multivalue from the ticket; similar to how the …/CustomFieldValues/Groups.pm does?

Possibly but the difference there is that it is just providing all the user defined groups in RT, whereas in your case you’re going to want what is returned to be different based on the actual ticket you’re dealing with, because you want to look at the selected values in that instance of CF.Multivalue1, not all the possible values that a CF.Multivalue1 custom field could take. You’ll need to play about to see if that is possible.

Right, so I’d need to grab all values of the ObjectCustomField for the ticketobj. But the issue is storing those values since I’d essentially need to build a new list of values for every ticket with differing content. Multivalue for current tasks seems to be working fine for now. Maybe we’ll explore child tickets if it’s not too much overhead.

To create a checklist within a ticket, its important to explore the customization options and capabilities of the specific software you are using. One approach could involve utilizing a custom field within the ticket to enter and manage the checklist items. You can also explore plugin marketplaces associated with your software to see if there are any available solution that offer checklist features.

We have an experimental extension here that provides a todo/checklist for tickets. We’re likely to make additional updates in the future and would love any feedback!

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Finally getting around to RT again. This doesn’t solve the issue specifically, but I can certainly think of a number of use-cases for this. I’ll absolutely test drive and provide any feedback!