Doubts about "Merge into" functionality


User1 sends an e-mail that creates ticket #1 with subject “I have
problem 1” into the queue General

I am a master of ticket mgmt, so that in a few seconds I take in charge
the ticket, open it, assign to it the queue “hw” and CF “company1”

After a few minutes User2 sends an e-mail that creates ticket #2 with
subject “I have problem 1 too” into the queue General

I would like to have only one reference for this problem as the two
tickets are actually for the same problem 1.

I think I have to use the “Mege into” functionality and these are the
steps I take:

  1. from “10 newest unowned tickets” section I click on the subject link
    for ticket #2
  2. select jumbo
  3. I go down to “New links” and insert 1 into the section “merge into:”

But the effect is that

A) ticket #2 disappears as it merges into #1 (OK)
B) the values of queue and CF for the ticket #1 changes in what were the
#2 ones (KO)

Is it a bug or me incorrectly using the functionality?

How would be the correct way to manage this situation?
At ManualIntroduction - Request Tracker Wiki i can find
explanation only for the other kinds of ticket-links…


I don’t know if anyone responded to you or not, but the work-around for
this problem is to make sure that the tickets that you want to merge are
in the same queue. That will at least take care of queue, I am not sure
about custom fields, as I haven’t double checked that myself.

It is annoying, because we have had situations where owners of a ticket
that is composed of merged tickets can not see all of the details
because parts of the merged ticket remained in a queue that they didn’t
have access to.

– Chris

Gianluca Cecchi wrote:

No, I didn’t get any answers.
I presume it is a bug.
Thanks for having come out again.
Perhaps someone ot the more mature users has already set up a fix?
Or are they managing the same issue of reducing redundancy in other more efficient ways?