Doubt in sequencing of tickets while ticket creation

Hi all,

We have the RT 3.4.4 running on apache2 and fastcgi in the production.
We have a case wherein the ticket are created till 5955 and then all of
a sudden tickets are not created till the ticket id being 5970. From
5970, tickets are created again. I checked up the transaction table and
found that there is no transaction recorded for the “objecttype” being
"RT::Ticket" and “objectid” being in the range of “5956 to 5970”. So, I
am sure that the tickets between these ranges were not created. I know
that when a ticket is created, entry is made to the tickets, principals,
groups, transactions and attachments table. I couldn’t find an entry for
these in any of these tables and this makes me wonder as to why a ticket
could not be created between these ranges? I did check up the sequence
numbers for the tables and they look fine except for the groups table
and I know that its fine if the sequences are not in order for the
groups table because the record that are entered into the groups table
are not based on its sequence numbers.

Can some one give me some ideas for understanding what may be happening?


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