Double Line Spacing Issue

Is there a way to fix the double spacing issue with RT tickets - It seems like when people create tickets or reply from Outlook, it inserts a paragraph tag and creates the double space problem.
I’ve tried setting “CheckMoreMSMailHeaders” to 1 but it doesn’t help.
I am running RT 4.4.2


Oh… Outlook is a very big problem for me and RT. I had the same problem. Empty lines was doubled every time and there was a lot of empty space.

So, I did some changes.

Edit sub RescueOutlook()

if ($text_part) {

    # use the unencoded string
    my $content = $text_part->bodyhandle->as_string;
    if ( $content =~ s/\n\n/\n/g ) {

and change it with

if ($text_part) {

    # use the unencoded string
    my $content = $text_part->bodyhandle->as_string;
    if ( $content =~ s/\n\r?\n/\n/g ) {

rm -fr /opt/rt4/var/mason_data/obj/*
service httpd restart
I know this is not a very good way, but it is better, then it was before