Doesn't creat new ticket with "ForkIntoNewTicket"

Hi List

Got RT 3.6.4 with fast_cgi, apache2 on a freebsd 6.2

I installed the scrip condition “ReplyToResolved” and the scrip action
"ForkIntoNewTicket" copied from the wiki.

The installation gave me a error about the “DropSetGIDPermissions()” so
I commented it out. Afterwards the new condition and action appeared in
the dropdown menu.

Unfortunately I run the install from the “ForkIntoNewTicket” two times.
How do I remove now the second action which have been created? But
that’s not the main problem.

Then I made a global script as followed:

Description: Replies to resolved tickets create a new ticket

Condition: ReplyToResolved

Action: ForkIntoNewTicket

Template: Global template: Correspondence

Stage: TransactionCreate

As I understand, this should create a new ticket if somebody answers to
a resolved ticket.

But when I tested it, it just added a new comment to the resolved ticket
and nothing else.

Do I have to restart the apache when I configured a new scrip?

Any suggestions? What did I do wrong?

Thanks Ruben