Does the Notify Action Module always BCC AdminCCs?

I have created a custom scrip to notify via email requestors and CCs on correspond, however, another account that is neither requestor nor CC is receiving emails on every correspond. This account is AdminCC on all of my queues.

It seems that the Notify Action Module automatically is BCCing AdminCCs? Is that correct?

And does anybody know how to fix that? I tried creating my own action module but don’t know Perl so was totally lost.

By default RT also has a scrip “On Correspond Notify Owner and AdminCcs” which is likely why the AdminCc user is getting the correspond emails

I have disabled this scrip in the UI, these are the only scrips I have enabled

And thank you for your reply

If you go to the ticket and click reply under the Scrips and Recipients section it should tell you what scrips will result in emails being sent. Do you see your AdminCc user there?

Thank you! It was there