Docs for mail interface



I went poking around the RT 1.0.3 distribution and didn’t find any
documentation on the mail interface, so I knocked off some HTML
docs and posted them at

It’s mostly weblint compliant in that it passes 'weblint -x netscape’
with no errors. Get rid of the bgcolor in the table and it should
make all graphical browsers equally dissatisfied :slight_smile:

OTOH, lynx gets grumpy about the table so I also made:

I lifted the command summary directly from the RT 1.0.3 response
to an “%RT HELP” request, added a caveat to the TAKE command
and changed the command summaries to an active voice (e.g.
changed “will take” to “takes”). Any errors or omissions are my

Feel free to incorporate this into the document tree. If others think
it necessary or helpful, I can put together a mail interface tutorial

Let me know what you think,

– Bob