Displaying a "results" message from RT scrip or module

I can’t seem to get a message to display in the RT web interface under
the “results” heading.

I’m trying this as both a scrip entered directly into the web
interface, and from a custom RT module I created (based on the same
scrip), placed in /opt/rt3/local/lib/RT/Action

I don’t care which method I have to use, I just want my message to
display to the web interface.

I’m trying to use, for example: return(1, $self->loc(“date entered is valid”));
or: return(1, $self->loc(“Error: date is invalid”));

I can send messages to the log file just fine, but can’t get my “user
messages” to show up in the web interface! I’d like my message to
appear under the “results” heading as a bulleted item, similar to how
other actions work.

Any ideas? Thanks!