Display problems with 2.07 (resolution)

About a week ago, I fixed a really weird display bug (in my installation,
not in RT). I’ve been meaning to update the group on how and why, but I’ve
been extraordinarily busy this past week. So finally, here it is:

The Problem:

I upgraded a 2.06 system to 2.07. There were some minor ACL changes that I
have yet to look into, but as well, the new “Refresh this page” dropdown
menu didn’t show up.

The Specifics:

RT: 2.06 -> 2.07
DB: PostgreSQL 7.1.2
System: Linux, loosely based on Slackware 8.0, using kernel 2.4.10 and ReiserFS
Perl: 5.6.1
Perl Modules: All the most recent (according to CPAN)

The Analysis:

When installing a completely new installation (base: /opt/rt2test, db:
rt2test), everything worked as expected. As soon as I re-configured RT to
use the current system (base: /opt/rt2, db: rt2), then the link would

After much playing around, I discovered that if I used a brand new codebase
installation with the old database, the problem would still persist. So, I
set out to re-create the new database.

The Solution:

Was actually fairly simple:

0- Stop the system MTA and Apache
1- dump the current live database (“pg_dump -C rt2 > rt2.sql”)
2- and edit the resulting SQL script (rt2.sql) to remove any CREATE, INDEX,
… statements
3- drop the current live database (rt2)
4- run a “make install” from a clean source of RT, telling it to install
into /opt/rt2test, and create the database rt2
5- connect to the database, and drop all data in every table
6- execute the modified SQL script (“psql -f rt2.sql”)
7- Voila! It works… (sort of)
8- Start the system MTA and Apache

At the end of all that, the database worked perfectly, and the interface
worked as expected. However, I would get some weird errors when I tried to
create a ticket which I have since lost, and am trying to find again. To
fix this, I (think) I just did a pg_dump, dropdb, psql -f and everything
was back up and normal.

The Aftermath:

I’ve got what I thought was a copy of the database before I dropped it, but
when I diff the SQL dump directly before I started working on it, and after
it started working as expected, I don’t see anything glaring. I haven’t
had time to walk through it in detail, but I hope to do it sometime this
coming weekend.