Display keywords on Queue List

As per request below, I want to display �keywords� on the queue listing but
have been unable to find an answer on the mailing list archive.

I was able to add Priority to the queue listing by adding the following to
config.pm but I gather it�s not that simple for keywords as it�s not in the
Tickets table???

   { Header => 'Pri',
     TicketAttribute => 'Priority'

Any help appreciated.

Ross Goonan
Manager - Information Technology
Sunraysia Institute of TAFE

Keywords on Queuelisting
Joern Albert j.albert@gom.com
Fri, 08 Feb 2002 13:41:59 +0100

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keyword have become an important part of my RT System, and everybody in
my Compay is asking if there is a way of displaying the keywords (or at
least some) in the queue listings.

I tried to use something like this:

  { Header => $KeywordSelect->Name ,>
         KeywordObj => $KeywordSelect->Key>wordObj

but this has no TicketAttribute, and does’t work.

Are there any TicketAttributes or Objects that I can use for this?

I know that the listing.html for the search page can select and filter
keywords, so there should be a possibilty. I have no experience with
perl and went through the code, without seeing the right way to
implement it in the queue listing preferences of config.pm.

I read this Mailinglist quite a time, and saw some people asking nearly
the same, but answers are rare and have not been useful.
Is there anybody who has worked on using keywords as I want, or is there
no solution jet?

Joern Albert

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