Disabling and not showing fields

Hi everybody,
does anybody have an idea how to make some fields not editable when
creating a ticket? I need to make noneditable some custom fields and
even some fields which are not custom. The other thing I would like to
do is to not show some fields which are not custom fields (e.g.“Cc” or
"admin Cc"). Anybody knows how to do it?

Thanks in advance fo r any reactions,

Finally I figure one part of my question out. To not show fields which
are not custom fields you have to:

  1. copy rt3/share/html/Ticket/Create.html into
  2. edit the new file and remove what you don’t want to display on
    create time
    e.g. I deleted this:
<&|/l&>Admin Cc <& /Elements/EmailInput, Name => 'AdminCc', Size => '40', Default => $ARGS(AdminCc) &> <&|/l&>(Sends a carbon-copy of this update to comma-delivered list of administrative email addresses. These people will receive future update.)

Anybody has an idea how to disable, make noneditable some fields. I
think making not custom fields non-editable is possible to do by editing
the same file I edited for hiding the field. But how to make Custom
field non-editable?

Tahnks for your comments,

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