Disabled "RT Administration" group - Priv users staying BASIC


I need help to get my RT 363 system back online. By mistake, I unchecked
the enabled button for the RT administration group, and have disabled
it. Now I am unable to perform any admin tasks. I went into the database
(Oracle) and checked the principals and cachegroupmembers table and
found the entries for that group and Reset the Disabled field to 0, but
after a restart it doesn’t seem to have any effect on the system. I’m
not sure if it’s related, but the reason I went poking around at that
group was about half of my admin group team lost the ability to go into
Advanced view (as if they weren’t privileged). I suspect this is the
larger root cause of my issue. Can anyone tell me where in the database
schema the flag is set for privileged users?

Also, my messages logs are littered with “Couldn’t load user from
database” errors when an admin tries to login. This was occurring before
I disabled the RT Admnistration group.

Any help is appreciated to get my privileged accounts back online.



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